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GRATITUDE INFINITE is a collective company and most of our employees are young and alive.
They independently and collectively play a key functional role along the entire supply chain of Thailand's chemical industry.
We believe strongly in employee share ownership and we continue deliberately
to extract best practices from this very impressive group of people in all spheres of activity.

We are now highly focused on growth and thus need young, talented, dedicated, new faces to join the team.
GRATITUDE INFINITE is currently looking for university graduates with a degree in the following background areas:

Whether you are just starting your career or have many years of experience, if you are interested in joining an unconventional company that
provides challenging and fulfilling work experience as well as opportunities for your professional development, welcome to GRATITUDE INFINITE.
Send your application letter along with your CV to

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Strategic Partnerships

GRATITUDE INFINITE aims to provide its customers with the best in chemical solutions and we are always open to new approaches to business.
In order to accomplish these goals, we need new strategic partners and alliances with capabilities that complement ours.

We look for long-term partners with a clear sense of direction that goes well with ours.
If your company is interested in a strategic partnership with GRATITUDE INFINITE, please contact us at

We would be delighted to listen to your proposal.