vision & mission

Innovate and pursue. Two simple words that individually and collectively define GRATITUDE INFINITE's journey for the past ten years. With this mindset, we have significantly improved the strength and long-term stability of our portfolio of businesses.

As an independent distributorof specialty chemicals, GRATITUDE INFINITE has distinguished itself with a growth- focused strategy, a performance-driven culture and a proven track record of practical marketing execution. These elements have enabled us to identify even more opportunities for continued growth and further operational excellence.


Creativity and originality are an essential precondition for sustainable development. We therefore encourage the development of positive attitudes towards sustainable development which will bring about continued commercial success to the company and all the people involved.


Ultimately, GRATITUDE INFINITE is a very customer-focused company. Its business mission is simply to be recognised as the supplier of choice for its customers.


In order to clinch this goal, GRATITUDE INFINITE is harmoniously guided by five corporate values:

   Forward. We focus on continuous improvement on the quality and reliability of the products and service to ensure customer satisfaction.

   Fair. We do businesses in a straightforward, sensible and ethical manner to our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.

   Firm. We strengthen and build on the long-term stability of the company and its business portfolio.

   Force. We encourage creativity, enthusiasm, innovation, entrepreneurship and reward for achievement.

   Function. We aim to efficiently manage and organise the company to achieve the planned goals.