GRATITUDE INFINITE is a Thailand-based chemical supplier whose business largely involves the activity of importing and distributing specialty and intermediate chemicals from around the globe. These chemical materials range functionally from pigments and additives to a wide variety of solvents and denatured alcohols, many of which are starting materials or chemical intermediates used in the production of other chemicals.

These materials are therefore an invaluable solution for and used extensively in various industrial and consumer applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics; from printing and packaging to cleaning products; from decorative and industrial coatings to plastics and so on.

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In Pursuit of Becoming the Supplier of Choice
Over the past ten years, GRATITUDE INFINITE has established a strong reputation for the supply of high quality products to a large number of industrial customers as well as institutional and educational markets. The recent growth and developments have dramatically resulted in the expansion of our business operations and the diversification of our product portfolio marketed and services provided. Through our unrivalled execution, we have exceeded our initial expectations and are now on track to embrace new approaches to business.

The driving philosophy behind GRATITUDE INFINITE's business success has been strongly underpinned by four strategic pillars:

  • Participate in businesses where we have a distinguishingly competitive advantage.
  • Strengthen and build on the advantaged positions that optimise our business portfolio.
  • Extract and utilise the full benefits of existing resources to achieve the highest cost savings.
  • Aggressively align with our business partners and their markets to capture growth.

However, just as the culture of GRATITUDE INFINITE encourages us to never be satisfied with the status quo, these accomplishments do not represent our final goals. We continue to work together to achieve the highest possible results and to contribute to long-term performance that earns GRATITUDE INFINITE recognition as its relentless pursuit of becoming the supplier of choice carries on.